Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keep in Touch

Hello, sweets. How are you today? I'm having a weird hide under the desk and leave me alone kind of day. I need to work on my stress-repelling force field.

Let's talk good stuff instead, ok? How about this week's Tuesday Trigger?

I saw this, loved it, and took it in a totally different direction.

My first thought when I saw all those numbers all laid out, all different colors, was keys (makes complete sense). Specifically, this Antique Keys background stamp from Hero Arts. I busted out my very neglected Stampin' Write markers and colored the keys on the stamp, huffed on it, then stamped it on my cardstock. Um, I kind of love it. I know I completely neglected the whole number part of that photo, but sometimes you just gotta go where the mojo takes you!

I used the typewriter again to type out my sentiment - keep in touch.. keep.. KEYp.. get it? I hope so, or you'll think I've lost it for sure.


So I was thinking about Project Life and was going to ask you guys what you thought but then I went ahead and ordered the stuff anyway. But I'll still ask you.

I have always liked the idea behind scrapbooking and am in awe of those of you that scrap. I really never thought it was for me, though, because (and I know I'm off base, but ideas are sometimes hard to change) I don't have any children. I just didn't think I'd have enough to fill a scrapbook. Sure, Bill and I travel here and there, but the other 50 weeks out of the year are pretty much wash, rinse, repeat. Yawn, right? But I just love the look of Michelle Wooderson's and Ali Edwards' Project Life layouts. Normal, everyday pictures with some other stuff splashed here and there, I loved the simplicity of it. Write only as much as you need or want to.

So I started thinking about this week. This week we replaced our kitchen faucet. The stupid project took 3 days, and it might not mean a thing to you, but it is a recurring theme in our lives: updating our house is a painful struggle. I thought of the task of de-Christmasifying, something that will likely be happening in our house in the coming week or so. The cute petite snowball cake I bought from a bakery this week that had the most amazing (and unexpected) raspberry filling in it. This weekend we're going to a minor league hockey game with my brother and his girlfriend.

And then I thought about my Mom and how much my family means to me, and even if I don't have children, I still have a family and I still have a life that is worth documenting - if anything, just for the pure fun of it. To look back in a year and say - remember when we went to replace the faucet and we had to do this, and then this, and the planets had to be perfectly aligned before it worked? These are the things that are my most favorite about the Project Life albums I've seen - the complete normal everyday stuff that is included. So my original question was to ask you guys what you thought, am I totally off? Should I take the plunge (which is a little late, since I bought the Clementine Core Kit this morning)? Are you sighing and rolling your eyes like my husband at the thought of me taking on another Project? Feedback, please! I want to hear your thoughts.

Ah. I feel so much better - thank you for listening! ;)


STAMPS: Antique Keys - Hero Arts
CARDSTOCK: Ripe Avocado, Kraft, Rustic White - Papertrey Ink
PATTERNED PAPER: Fly a Kite - October Afternoon
INK: Antique Linen, Gathered Twigs Distress Ink - Ranger Industries
OTHER: Earth Elements, Rich Regals Stampin' Write Markers - Stampin' Up!; Tiny Attacher - Tim Holtz; Typewriter; Button


  1. Love your take on the photo. Those keys are so colorful. I'm sorry, but I can't be helpful with your question. I would love to scrapbook or document my family life in some way, but am much too lazy. If you have the energy, I'd say 'go for it'. Just because you don't have kids, doesn't mean you don't have meaningful things going on in your life to keep track of.

  2. K, first, your key theme is AWESOME. I love it.

    Second... I think you're nuts if you think kids are the only reason to scrapbook - and that's coming from someone who only scraps her kids!!! Let's not talk about the wedding scrapbook that's 6 years overdue...

    You have dogs, right? Easy subjects. And I live in a similar scenario - 2011 was the first year since we moved in in 2006 that we didn't take on a huge project, updating our nearly 40 year old townhome. LOTS of PL pages there!!

    It sounds to me like traditional layouts maybe aren't for you, but I think PL suits everything you said perfectly. I like the idea of it - not something I'd invest in yet, but I can definitely see as my children get older that it's exactly the way I would go. Traditional layouts usually seem to focus on the "moments" but PL is really just about capturing the everyday - something we want to remember, but that is so easy to forget.

    Good luck to you!!

  3. Anya, love what you did with the trigger. Beautiful Card.

    Yes - You should definitely do a Project Life for 2012. I am thinking about doing a digital version for the first time (just can't get the project life stuff through the uk amazon yet!).

    I did a Dec Daily in 2009 and didn't like the "real" version (didn't finish it completely) so I turned it into a photobook on My Publisher. It arrived in December (2011!). It is so much fun to look back at how the house was decorated and the everyday things that make up life are fun! I am now going to do a Dec Daily for 2010 & 2011 (took the photos but didn't keep a record past the 15th for 2010!) going to do a overview of the month instead of a day by day.

    I think you should just have fun with it and do whatever works for you. I know I'd love to see whatever you create. Happy New Year to you and your hubby.

  4. I love that the trigger made you think of keys, I get it! And I am also in awe of people who scrapbook and while I seem to take plenty of photos, I have never actively kept them together (I try, but let's be honest, I'm over a year behind with photo books and my organization on my computer only makes sense to me). Take the plunge and please share!

  5. Two things: That card is *inspired*, my friend. And, take it on! I'd love to see what you'd do with a project like that.

  6. I had to pop over when I saw you linked up to the Trigger - and LOVE your take! It's perfect! And yes, I do think you'll love Project Life. Sometimes just remembering to take a picture because you're scrapping, turns everyday taken-for-granted moments into things that you're grateful for, or smile about months later. Really small things end up being a blessing twice ... three times ... as you look back over the years!

    I do hope your force field is up and running again when this comes through! Hugs!

  7. What a clever key-per...LOL Love your take on the inspiration piece.

    I'm so happy that you want to begin scrapping, and you DON'T need kids to scrap. Your blog, in a sense is a scrapbook. YOU are the subject...what you think, feel, love, that house renovation. I feel your pain there. Anytime we have anything done to the house, it's such an upsetting and stressful time. Hang in there!

  8. Anya, I love your card...the soft inks are stunning.

    On Project Life, 100% YES. You should absolutely do it. I love the ideas you have already for recording in your album. Keep it simple...and cherish it! You'll love it!

  9. Anya, I love your take of the trigger-so creative!
    I say go for it. ;)
    I also felt a kinship with your first three sentences. ;)

  10. Oh man, do I ever hear you on the stress front! My poor husband had a teary wife last night because I just couldn't pull it together, lol! I love your take on the trigger - so unique! And, I definitely think you should take the plunge and start scrapbooking! I've been more intrigued by the project life stuff than any other lately and think I may take the plunge with you! Here's to a better rest of the day!

  11. Anya, First your card is awesome. You've been totally rockin the Tuesday Triggers. Lately I look at them and am like huh? Then I see what you did and think - why can't I think of something like this??? The keys are an awsome take, and I totally see the inspiration from the photo.

    Second - Scrapping? YES!! It is so nice to look back on your adventures. Someday we won't be able to or won't want to!! I even make books for friends and family that travel with us - even on local trips - like taking my parents to the zoo - a day fishing with friends - a trip into the city etc.! I really enjoy looking back at the great time we had - and so do they - especially on a cold day like today. I think you will find it valuable and rewarding - your creativity is never a waste - your work is gorgeous - I'm looking forward to seeing it!

  12. Yay for doing PL! :) I've been scrapping a lot more and I really think it's been cool to look back on those every day moments! Can't wait to see some of the things you create!

  13. love your inspired card and looking foward your project life layouts.

  14. Hey Anya! Thanks for linking this up to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

  15. Love all of the colour and the pretty shapes of the keys. Beautiful card!!
    ... and love your sentiment ... Keyp in touch .. so sweet!


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