Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project Life Week 2

Hi there. I should be getting ready to go out right now, but I promised to share my second week of Project Life, so here it is.

Lots of food photos this week.

Here's the first part of Week 2. My husband started a new job this week, so I made a favorite dinner for his first day. Cookies, too.

This week I felt pretty comfortable with the number of photos I had. I like incorporating photos into the 3x4 slots. My only beef is that I feel like I spend all of the daylight hours at work - so any photos at home I'm fighting light issues. It will get better (or I will get more creative) I'm sure.

Here's the second part of Week 2. I felt much more in a creative groove with this week.

It seems like with the way our weeks flow, this second page ends up being mostly our weekend, since so much stuff is put off until then. Our weeks are pretty routine until we hit Saturday.

My mom brought mini cupcakes. I journaled right on Washi tape for this photo - I've got a few others where I did this. I like adding little labels or notes to all the photos even if I did journal about them somewhere else. It helps me to feel like they aren't just hanging out there on their own, but I'm a labeler, so that's just me.

I need to find myself some more puffy letters - stat. Love these.

We took our Christmas decorations down this weekend and snapped one last photo of our tree. We used the TTV camera for this, so I cut the photo down to size and matted it with some Clementine patterned paper.

So there's my Week 2! I'd love to hear your feedback. Hope you have a great night.. we're heading out to a movie, and I'd better scoot!



  1. Love how clean and neat your layouts are, very appealing to the eye. P.S. Love your blog, I am your newest follower!

  2. Oh, Anya this fabulous!
    I love how you're capturing the "everyday"...
    hubby's 1st day at a new job...
    and those cupcakes from your mom look so yummy!
    Went by OD yesterday to pick up just a couple of supplies but you've given me ideas with the circle stickers...
    may have to swing back by this week!
    I'm getting it started...
    seeing your pages makes me want to get it caught up! :)

  3. week 2 of PL is looking great Anya, l want to come and eat all that yummy food, and your dog is beautiful, my dog goes an bit crazy in the mornings too, must be a dog thing

  4. I'm enjoying your PL updates. Love the labeling! Fantastic idea to add your fortune cookie fortunes...I always wonder what to do with those as it seems wrong to throw them away. Your dog is very handsome. My cats always act like squirrels in the morning too, then and when we turn out the lights to go to sleep at night. :-)

  5. These pages are just so fun, Anya! What a treasure you're creating! LOVE!


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