Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Life - Week 1

Well, chickies, here it is! My first week of Project Life. Yay!

A few notes before I share my pics:
  • I am using the Clementine Core Kit. I love the colors and designs, and they mesh well with lots of things I already have in my stash. This is a good thing, and don't ever underestimate how much fun it is to go shopping in the craft supplies you've already accumulated :)
  • I am basing my layouts on the Design A Photo Pocket Pages. I don't have the pages yet (still OOS), but am eagerly awaiting February when I can hit the 'buy now' button.
  • I printed my photos for the first two weeks all at once at Target. I don't have time to go out of my way for this kind of stuff, so it was easy to just make it part of an already planned trip. This is how this is going to stay easy for me - when it starts to be a pain, then I'm going to start to pull away. So, keep it easy!
Here's my first page for Week 1 (click for a larger version):

Can I tell you how excited I was that our mail carrier left us a note about our new mailbox? My husband called to tell me and I made sure he understood that we had to leave the scene intact so I could take a photo! LOL! I think I might need to add that bit of journaling in to my album..

And here's the second page for Week 1:

I loved Mish's idea for doing a week in review, so that was one thing I plan to include for each week. I also love the idea of including stuff - here I'll be stuffing our hockey tickets in the same slot with the journaling about the game. I didn't include any close ups this week, but will start that for next week. The thought never even occurred to me.

I have to say, I *loved* every second of doing this. My second week is already done, and I think I loved that one even more. I am figuring out what sorts of things I want to include - I like the idea of having little bits on the photographs, whether its a blurb or a sticker or what, I like including photos in the 3x4 slots, and I like incorporating bits of our lives. I still struggle a little with feeling like I'm including silly things but always try and remind myself how much I enjoy looking through not only photos but ephemera from past times.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope if you're starting PL you are having a good time with it, too. I'd love to see what you are up to... this means you, Renee! I hope you took pictures of those boys with their undies on their heads! ;)

Big hugs,



  1. Thanks for sharing.. enjoying it so far too!! It's great how only after a couple weeks you can see it coming together!!

  2. That really is a snazzy mail box! Glad you're having fun and enjoying the process.

  3. Love what you're doing here. I scrapbooked a lot when my kids were younger and felt self- conscious at first with the journaling.....have to tell ya... My girls are 19 and 24 and still love to look through the albums!!! I definitely added all those 'little" things!!

  4. hi Anya,lm also doing PL, and absolutely love it, your pages look great, l too thought that l would struggle to find things to take pics of, but life just happens and now l think, wow, take a photo, no photo is silly, cos its your life and whats happening with you at that moment, love your sink photo, lm getting a new benchtop this week, so that will be going in, l even took a pic of my car tyres , as l had to get 4 new ones, l even kept the $900 bill that came with it, YUK, hope you have great fun with PL, you can look at mine at
    have also loved all the cards you do

  5. OMG...
    you called me out and I'm actually the color of my couch right now because I haven't started!! :(
    I have it!
    I do have it...
    and I've looked at it...
    and waiting on those pages like you ;)
    You can tell this is something so new to me...
    I totally forget to take pics! :(
    Forgot to snap our first snow...
    and since it was just a dusting...
    it was actually funny watching the boys just trying to make snowballs much less a snow man!
    But hoping I get another shot :)
    And the boys with undies on their heads...
    it's actually pretty common around here.
    They even do it in Summer.
    And to be honest...
    when it's 100 degrees out...
    I'm actually tempted to throw a pair on my head and join them in the dance...
    I'm starting this week...
    like right now!
    You have inspired to get it going...
    even without the pages because your pages look fantastic!
    I'm so embarrassed...
    but I have a plan ;)

  6. Looks good! Can I say that I love that you included pics of PL on one of your PL pages? Totally something I'd do:) And your mailman is right, that is an awesome mailbox:)

    I've never scrapbooked before and I'm so curious about this system. I really like that it's less formal and more flexible. I may have to go check it out.

    Take care!

  7. hi Anya, thanks for the comment on my blog, its so nice to hear back from people, lm sure your gunna do great pages , l love what you have created already, oh and l forgot to tell you l loved the mail box to, cheers kate


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