Friday, December 7, 2007

Some thoughts on wedding planning...

Now that the 'planning' stage of the wedding is coming to a close and we're approaching the 'Newlywed' stage, I wanted to share some thoughts on planning.

I am something of a control freak (surprise, Julie!) so I wanted to have my hands in everything. I made the invitations, the place cards, favors, etc (It helps that I could open my own paper-crafting store). I lovingly chose the flowers for everyone, searched to make sure the blacks matched in Bill's ensemble (cause it ALL has to be black), put together a Guest Book that can actually be used again, but by far the most enjoyable, touching part (second to Bill remembering the details of our first kiss, some 11-odd years ago) has been the music. Bill is something of a connoisseur (which is just a nice word for snob) when it comes to music. You'll get that with a dj, I guess. We picked every single song that will be played at the wedding. Well, he did most of the work and loaded a middle-school-mix-tape-worthy selection of songs to my phone. We've got the slow songs, the fun songs, and the Hockey Song! I have been listening to it at work, both to calm my anticipation and also to try and cry-proof the songs (I can't possibly cry if I listen to 'In My Life' eight million times).

In addition to the dj-ing, we have a friend who is a wonderful musician (Jason Deutsch of Original Low) who is going to be singing for us. Live music rocks. He'll be singing our first dance song and a few others. It should be pretty cool. I really did have fun planning. Sure, there was some stress, 90% of which came from family, but people *finally* decided what they were eating (we aren't naming first-born children here). It can be done easily in under 6 months (it can be done in under 3 months, and I am so glad we decided not to wait).

We're T minus 8 days at this point, and its really hard to sit still! I am super excited to see my guests, can't wait to pick up my flowers, wear my dress... the list goes on. I can't describe how I feel about getting married - it still seems a little surreal, but completely comfortable. I have been waiting to marry Bill for years, so its hard to believe that it is really happening.

I missed my walk at lunch today. We've had some snow here the past few days and I forgot my boots at home. I have been enjoying walking in the snow (it added that extra little something to spice up my walk- new leg muscles to work) but can't do it in tennis shoes. Some days, the only reason I come to work is for my walk. I have a nice 3-mile route that combines uphill, downhill, and flat areas. I walk past the Iceoplex hoping one of these days I'll catch Sidney Crosby heading to a practice or something. Or not. It just happens to be on the way.

Don't know why I felt like writing today, but that's all I can get out now. I am going to close up shop for the week and head out on some errands.