Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hi-ya friends. Happy Cinco de Mayo! I just wanted to pop in for a moment to let you know I've been taking a little break. I'll be back on Saturday with the Waltzingmouse Sketch Challenge, though.

My crafty brain needed a bit of a rest after the WMS release. The weather has finally started to get a little nicer around these parts, so that means construction season is upon us and I am extra super busy at work. And, I have started a kitchen revamp.

Image from Pinterest.

This isn't my kitchen, but it will hopefully have at least close to the same color cabinets once I'm done! I'm adding a different pantry solution and extra counter/work space (which I have almost none of now) so I am pretty excited about finishing. That and its a giant disruption and no one in my household does well with disruption.

But I'll see you soon - thanks for understanding, I didn't want you to think I bailed on ya!


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  1. Well, inquiring minds did want to know, so thanks for telling us what you've been up to. Glad it's for a good reason, and can't wait to see the end results (yes, please?) Love the color for the kitchen. Happy renovating.


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