Monday, March 3, 2008

Crazy Weather

This was Friday:

We got a ton of snow on Friday.. it just kept snowing! This is a picture looking down the street.. the trees were heavy with the snow on their branches.

Juno loves to eat snow. You can see how deep it was!

And this was today..

It was gorgeous out! I think the temperature hit around 70 degrees. All the snow has melted and the air has that nice springy, dirt smell. My daffodils and tulips are starting to come up.

Too bad it will be back down around freezing again later in the week! I didn't stamp too much this weekend, I was working at the store with Bill. I'm glad its over, I really look forward to my weekends. Next weekend, I will take it easy. I took advantage of the nice weather to give the doggies a bath. That ended with all three of us getting soaked! I have some cards to share, but I will wait until tomorrow.

One last thing before I head off to bed.. my good friend Julie finished her second marathon on Saturday! How awesome is that! Congratulations, Julie, you rock :)

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