Wednesday, September 5, 2007

*Yawn* After lunch nap time. Julie was tired of looking at my beach picture, so I guess I need to update my blog. Not too much new on the store front - we did get our reptile display case finally but it isn't going to work quite like we wanted. The top shelf is way out of view for a normal height person, so we are trying to figure something out. Ideally, we'd like to set up two sets of 6 tanks. Just think of all the froggies we could get in there. We also need to get jumping on getting some chameleons. Ours at home is so cool, I really think other people would like them. And they are easy to care for.

My picture for today is of my Juno. He is so funny. He gets all goofy when the camera comes out and at any moment can turn and jump at it. He's our 'shop dog' and when we're at the store, he cannot sit still. He knows that when he hears the doorbell that new people are coming in and so he rushes downstairs to see who it is. I was upstairs feeding and he was following me around everywhere. He finally laid down and I went to take a picture - look at those eyes - he's one second from jumping up. Its an 'I'm pretending not to look' look.

This is my favorite picture of Juno. You'd think he was my child the way I talk about him, but I don't care. He was just a puppy here, just about 3 months old. He's got that little black spot under his nose, I think it looks like a little moustache. He was so freaking cute I sometimes can't stand it.

Not much else is new. Bill and I were going to go to Kennywood tomorrow after work, but they are only open on the weekends now. I knew I shouldn't have bought those tickets with our crazy schedule. So, we'll try for the weekend. That's all for me. I'm tired and don't have much to talk about. Julie, I promise I will try to give you different pictures to look at so you're not stuck looking at the same for 2 weeks :)

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