Friday, September 14, 2007

Thank GOODNESS it is Friday. I am really looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow morning. I started on my way to wellness this week and dragged my butt out of bed at 6 am to exercise. It has been 7 days and counting and I have only hit the snooze button once. I have an elliptical that Bill got me for Christmas last year that hasn't been much but a decoration for my stamp room. So I figured I was lucky enough to have one that I had better use it. I also found out my mom walks her dog at that time (she just lives down the street from me) so her and I and our doggies have been meeting at the ass crack of dawn (every time I say that I think of you, Julie) for a little walk. Its a nice warm up to my time on the elliptical. Sure would be nice to see some results soon. Other than my quads bulking up. My thighs do not need any more bulk to them. ETA: I think part of my motivation is that I have a TV hooked up downstairs that I can watch while I exercise. For the past week I've been watching Pirates of the Caribbean! Nothing like pirates first thing in the morning.

This week seemed to take forever. Even with a day off it seemed to drag. Work has been really blah, but at least today I have something to do. Music is a big helper too. Bill and I were going to try to go to Kennywood this weekend, but Saturday looks like its going to be a chilly, rainy day. Sunday is the last day before our tickets expire, and I've got a feeling that we're just not going to get there.

Today's picture is from a trip Bill and I took to Toronto last fall. We visited a place called the Guild Sculpture Garden in a suburb of Toronto. It is a collection of pieces of old buildings from downtown Toronto that were saved from demolition and put in a garden that overlooks Lake Ontario. I had visited here when I was a child and we went back to find it. When we were there, a wedding party was having their photographs taken here at the Greek Theatre. Kind of a gray day for pictures, but I bet it would be amazing. Have a great weekend!

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