Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It feels like is has been raining here non-stop for weeks. It has only been 4 days or so, but all of a sudden it feels very fall-like. Not the temperature, mind you, we're still in the high 80s, but my world just has that 'feeling'. I think its the back-to-school chatter that is going on. This time of year will always have that anticipatory feeling for me.
Today I'm sharing a photo taken last year during our beach vacation. The family changed things up and went in October - I will never go in the summer again after that. The temperatures were in the perfect 70s and there was barely any humidity. As close to paradise as I've ever felt. I purposely took this photo so that in the future, when I wasn't at the beach, and if I concentrated real hard, I could put myself in the picture. This year, we didn't get to the beach. Bill took all his vacation during the store transition, and we really can't desert the place for a week (*I* could with barely any guilt, but Bill doesn't feel the same way). I thought I'd be ok with no vacation but I lied. I am cranky and feel jipped. We took a weekend trip last month, but it honestly left me feeling more stressed and pressed for time than before I left. I'm concentrating, but I just can't feel the sand between my toes.

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