Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Project Life Weeks 12 and 13

Hi there. Today I thought I'd share some of my weeks of Project Life that you haven't seen yet.  Picking up where we left off, this is Week 12 (March 19-25).

This week we have lunch with my Mom, the first day of Spring, a zero balance letter from an outstanding credit card that was finally paid off..

.. Lots of birthday celebrations including a friend at work and my sweet niece..

Wrote directly on the photo for this one. Why not? The 'remember this' tag is from Elle's Studio.

Used my Silhouette a bit more this week and changed up the layout of the second page since I had so many photos. The only thing about this is remembering that for the first half of next week you'll be using the other side :)

This is Week 13 (March 26 - April 1). Again, lots of photos - it seems everything started growing. Used some digital elements as well as some things cut with the Silhouette.

A trip downtown to see the Symphony and some ephemera from that trip, and shots of our super long grass before we cut it. I couldn't believe we had to start in April!

I liked having all these flower pictures this week - so colorful. I used all different products to finish this off, including more stuff from Elle's as well as some Martha Stewart tags and some Avery tags.

Across from Heinz Hall in downtown Pgh there is an art installation that is an old storefront decked out to be a Robot Repair Shop. We first saw it at Christmas when we were down there, but it gradually changes over time. This time there was a robot in the window holding up a sign. It is fun to see and I like including things like this in my pages.

Hope you enjoy these - have a great day!



  1. Hi Anya, so glad your still adding your project life pages to your blog, love all the spring flowers, your pages are beautiful as always, hope your mum is feeling much better now

  2. Your grass is amazingly green!! Thank you for sharing. You are doing a fabulous job with your project - way to go for keeping with it!


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