Monday, February 13, 2012

PL Week 5

Hi there. Today I am sharing Week 5 of Project Life.

I felt like I was a little behind again on this one - last week I was out of town for a few days and came down with a cold, so I just wasn't in my studio like I normally am. I finished this up over the weekend, though, making a point to carve out the time I needed.

Here is page one from this week.

This week was a few more pictures from the hospital - this was challenging as I said last week, I was trying to capture things without being intrusive. I took a picture of my Mom's dinner.. this was her second meal and she was really only allowed liquids and soft foods.

We also had crazy beautiful weather this week. I saw lots of screen shots of cell phones with the weather on them when I was visiting other peoples' albums. Its funny that we think to share things the same way.

Here is page two from this week.

Shared a photo of some goodies that came in the mail, and Bill working on our oven. It seems like it has been non-stop with the home repairs recently. Luckily this one was an easy fix and I was back to using the oven by the weekend.

I had a lot of smaller photos this week, so I used one of the 4 x 6 spots for my journaling and weekly recap.

On page one, I used some supplies that I received from Elle's Studio.. the Vintage Calendar Tags and This Month Note Tags. I thought it would be fun to do a little summary of the prior month and also a list of what's on tap for the new month. For February we have a few birthdays, including my hubby's (which just passed) so I'll be spending some time on that in Week 6. Just a fun summary of what will be coming up.

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  1. Another good week. I love how you lay everything out and the little embellishments that you use. I'll bet it is fun to put together! Your note about your oven hit home - we're starting a kitchen remodel in a month or so and I know I'm going to be so lost without my oven. We'll be without one for 2 - 3 months1! Lots of salads, I guess.

  2. hi Anya wonderful pages again this week, l so want all the elles studio goodness, your pizza rolls look so yummy, glad to hear your mum is home and your feeling better


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